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Working with client and community, we deliver masterplans that create vibrant new places and spaces, attract people, and encourage.

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Working with client and community, we deliver masterplans that create vibrant new places and spaces, attract people, and encourage investment through.

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Steven Kollar purchased his first house at the age of 15 and continues to buy, sell and renovate single and multi family homes today. He still owns that house today. His team has renovated and sold 1486 single family homes excluding packages one by one during this time and countless multifamily complexes. He not only talks the talk he walks the talk, as he maintains a full-time career of purchasing and solving complex real state problems around the country.

Over the past 30 years he has learned a lot from the school of hard knocks of life first hand. Steven is a sought-after speaker in solving complex problems in real estate, with his experience and his thinking outside the box.

Steven is not a come by day gone by night investor, he is a market maker in his area. He has been around the block more than once in all the real-estate cycles over the last 30 years. He knows you evolve with the times as real-estate is constantly in flux. Steven lives a busy life by choice not by chance doing what he wants to buy renovating and selling real-estate. Specializing in Negotiating and solving larger complex deals. He has a unique talent of putting himself in the other people’s positions factoring emotion in and finding a middle ground that not all will be happy with but can live with. Accomplishing the transaction is the objective.

Steven and his team maintain a large portfolio of single family homes and multifamily units while managing property for individuals to institutions. He works on bringing efficacy and branding to the market by trying to merge several property management companies under one umbrella in several geographic areas to offer greater pricing and revenue to the property owners.

Steven has a passion for finding better exit strategies for the long term landlords that have invested their lives in building old school real-estate  portfolios  Being their bridge from old school to wall street.

Steven is a lifelong student of learning, realizing that to be the best, you must be constantly learning from other professionals, utilizing their best ideas. Thinking outside the box and putting theory and concepts to the test first hand. Then incorporate them into a system that can be executed. Without successful execution, it is nothing but an idea.



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